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Dear Colleagues and friends of the International Ornithologists’ Union,

As the recent International Ornithological Congress (IOCongress2022), August 15-19, 2022, demonstrated, interest in birds and in research and conservation in ornithology and avian biology is at an all-time high and reaches into the far corners of the globe. The IOU newsletter The Flutter is part of the IOU’s multipronged efforts in supporting and interconnecting the global community of ornithologists.

I am sure that you have enjoyed reading the The Flutter, and if you have not received it yet, please check out the earlier issues at https://www.internationalornithology.org/iou-newsletters-flutter . Our editor, Professor David Bird, has set high standards and has created a newsletter that is much more than a mere “newsletter”. It is information-rich, and the contents reaches out globally. The IOU is much indebted to David for his phenomenal work.

However, David plans to retire as editor after the next issue of The Flutter in October/November, and the IOU is looking for an energetic and innovative editor to step into David’s footsteps and take The Flutter to the next level in order to serve a global and eager readership that is interested in research and conservation in ornithology and avian biology. The new editor could be either a practicing scientist or a science writer familiar with ornithology, conservation, and avian biology. The editor needs to have a good command of English but does not need to be a native English-speaker as the IOU has an in-house copyeditor. The IOU also has a graphic designer who is finalizing the publishable newsletter. The IOU Council is an international group of friendly and collaborative  people and will support and appreciate the work of the editor of the quarterly IOU newsletter. As the editor of The Flutter, you will enjoy the numerous global contacts you will be able to develop and nurture.

If you are interested in this honorary (volunteer) position as the editor of The Flutter, please contact me at zodhomb@lsu.edu

With best wishes and kind regards,

Dominique G. Homberger

Professor and IOU Immediate Past President

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