IOCongress® 2022
International Ornithologists' Union partners with South Africa’s University of KwaZulu-Natal for 28th International Ornithological Congress® (IOCongress®)
Durban, largest city in the coastal province of KwaZulu-Natal, will host ornithology's largest global congress in 2022.
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Durban, South Africa
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The International Ornithologists' Union offers:

IOUOrnithology is a global discipline addressing all levels of avian biology in birds from ecosystems to molecules, linking basic and applied research, and nurturing education and outreach. The IOU seeks to support, promote, and advance avian biology.

Working groups

Specialists offer a variety of knowledge and organize meetings.. Apply to join the group of your interest.

IOU forums

All members of the IOU have free access to the new forum. Here, you can discuss recent research, ask questions on field work, methods, conservation, issues, ...


The IOU is hosting the International Ornithological Congresses (#IOCongress) on a 4-years turnus. We will inform members about all details ...

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