The IOU offers different membership options


  • Being part of a global community dedicated to the IOU’s vision and mission
  • A membership certificate signed by the IOU President and the IOU Chair of the Membership Committee
  • Members-only access to the IOU membership list for networking and collaboration (individual members may opt to have their personal information withheld)
  • Members-only registration fees to the International Ornithological Congresses™ (IOCongresses™) and other IOU-sponsored events
  • Members-only discounts on books by selected publishers
  • Free access to the IOU webinars by distinguished ornithologists
  • Access to travel fellowships and travel support to attend the IOCongresses
  • Immediate members-only access to the information-rich IOU Magazine The Flutter
  • Participation in and/or establishment of Working Groups to address specific projects or issues
  • Eligibility for IOU officerships and honors
  • Voting rights on particular IOU matters
  • Access to the Ornithological Exchange
  • Additional organizational member benefit includes organization logo and link to the organization's website on the IOU webpage and a mention in The Flutter.

The IOU would appreciate your support of our goals and vision:

Ornithology is a global discipline addressing all levels of avian biology from ecosystems to molecules, linking basic and applied research, and nurturing education and outreach. 

  The IOU is the only global organization dedicated to research in ornithology and its application (e.g., conservation, health sciences, education, etc.). As such, its mission is to be a “big ship” inviting ornithologists and citizen scientists to join irrespective of the economic or political standing of their countries. Hence, the IOU is offering very low membership dues that are adjusted to the economic levels of countries. Special rates are offered to early professionals and students. Even with these low membership rates, we understand that some individuals may not be able to afford them or are not allowed to transfer funds to a foreign country. In view of these facts, the IOU is offering complimentary memberships upon application at no cost to the members.

Please assist us in our mission by joining as a supporting member and, if possible, making an additional donation.

You can join the IOU for an annual membership fee and benefit from all our membership services. You may also wish to support our mission and programs through donations.

The IOU has categorized their membership applications levels in accordance with the World Bank economic income categorization. This is to address the financial inequalities and ensure that as many interested ornithologist from around the world are able to join and benefit from the IOU membership engagement. Hewewith we link to the World Bank Country and Lending Group.

IOU Membership Levels 

IOU Membership levels Annual Fee  
IOU Supporting Member

For members wanting to support the IOU to ensure that the dues for students and members from low- and middle-income countries can be kept low.

USD 120  
IOU Member (High-income countries) USD 80  
IOU Member (Middle-income countries) USD 40  
IOU Member (Low-income countries) USD 20  
IOU Early Professional Member (High-income Countries)

Only for members within 5 years of their terminal degree

USD 60  



IOU Student  Member levels Annual Fee  
IOU Student Member (High-income countries) USD 40  
IOU Student Member (Middle and low-income countries) USD 15  


IOU Organisational Member levels Annual Fee  
IOU Organisational Member-Large Institutions

Bundle (unlimited)
For large institutions (>300 employees or members), e.g., colleges, universities, museums, institutes, NGOs, associations, societies, etc. this membership includes 3 designated members, one of which is the voting member.

USD 640  
IOU Organisational Member-Small Institutions

Bundle (up to 300 members)
For smaller institutions (<300 employees or members), e.g., academic departments, museums, institutes, NGOs, associations, societies, etc. this membership includes 3 designated members, one of which is the voting member.

USD 320  


IOU Complimentary Member level Annual Fee  
IOU Complimentary Member

The IOU is aware that even the very low IOU membership dues may not be affordable by some ornithologists or citizen scientists and that certain countries do not allow payments to a foreign account. Therefore, this type of membership is available upon application and will be paid and awarded by the IOU.