Proceedings of IOCongresses

The International Ornithological Union traditionally publishes ‘Proceedings’ which comprise the papers from Presidential addresses, plenary lectures and symposia at International Ornithological Congresses, and associated secretarial, committee and working group reports. The plenaries and symposia present land-mark reviews of advances in all fields of ornithological science. Listed below is a record of the Proceedings that have been published from past congresses:

# Author, Year, Titel, Reference pdf document  
I. Anon. (ed.) 1884-1886. Sitzungs-Protokolle des ersten Internationalen Ornithologen-Congresses. Der 7. bis.11. April 1884 in Wien abgehalten wurde. Wien: Verlag des OrnithologischenVereines in Wien. 1884. Mitteilungen des Ornithologischen Vereins Wien, Bd. 8-10.  
II. Von Horváth, G., Herman, O. (eds.) 1891. [Bericht] Zweiter internationaler Onithologischer Congress. Budapest: Hungarian National Museum, Hungarian Committee of IIndInternational Ornithological Congress, pt. 1 (227 pp.), pt. 2 (238 pp.), pt. 3 (Anatomie der Vögel, Fürbringer, 48 pp.).  
III. Oustalet, E., de Claybrooke, J. (eds.) 1901. IIIe Congrès Ornithologique International, Paris, 26 – 30 Juin 1900. Paris: Masson & Cie, xii + 503 pp. [Ornis, vol. 11].  
IV. Hartert, E.J.O., Bonhote, J.L. (eds.) 1907. Proceedings of the IVth International Ornithological Congress. London, June 1905. London: Dulau & Co., 696 pp. [Ornis, vol. 14].  
V. V. Schalow, H. (ed.) 1911. Verhandlungen des V. Internationaler Ornithologen-Kongresses, Berlin 30 Maibis 4 Juin 1910. Berlin: Deutsche Ornithologische Gesellschaft, x + 1186 pp.  
VI. Steinbacher, F. (ed.) 1929. Verhandlungen des VI. Internationaler Ornithologen-Kongresses in Kopenhagen, 1926. Berlin: vi + 641 pp. digitization in progress  
VII. Anon. (ed.) 1931. Proceedings of the VIIth International Ornithological Congress at Amsterdam. Amsterdam: vii + 527 pp. digitization in progress  
VIII. Jourdain, F.R.C. (ed.) 1938. Proceedings of the VIIIth International Ornithological, Oxford, July 1934. Oxford: Oxford University Press, x + 761 pp. digitization in progress  
IX. Delacour, J. (ed.) 1938. IXe Congrès Ornithologique International, Rouen, 9 au 13 Mai 1938. Rouen: 543 pp.  
X. Hörstadius, s. (ed.) 1951. Proceedings of the Xth International Ornithological Congress , Uppsala, June 1950. Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksells, 662 pp. digitization in progress  
XI. Portmann, A., Sutter, E. (eds.) 1955. Acta XI Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Basel, 29.V – 5. VI. 1954. Basel und Stuttgart: Birkhäuser Verlag, 680 pp.  
XII. Bergmann, G., Donner, K.O., von Haartman, L. (eds.) 1960. Proceedings of the XIIth International Ornithological Congress, Helsinki, 5. – 12. VI. 1958. Helsinki: Tilgmannin Kirjapaino, 820 pp. in 2 vols.  
XIII. Sibley, C.G., Hickey, J.J., Hickey, M.B. (eds.) 1962. Proceedings of the XIIIth International Ornithological Congress, Ithaca, 17 – 24 June 1963. Lawrence, Kansas: American Ornithologists’ Union, xvi + 1246 pp. in 2 vols.  

Snow, D.W. (ed.) 1967. Proceedings of the XIVth International Ornithological Congress, Oxford, 24 – 30 July 1966. Oxford & Edinburgh: Blackwell Scientific Publications, xxiv + 405 pp.

XV. Voous, K.H. (ed.) 1972. Proceedings of the XVth International Ornithological Congress, The Hague, 30 August – 5 September 1970. Leiden: E.J. Brill, viii+745 pp.    
XVI. Frith, H.J. & Calaby, J.J. (eds.) 1976. Proceedings of the XVIth International Ornithological Congress, Canberra, 12 – 17 August 1974. Canberra: Australian Academy of Science, xviii + 765 pp.    
XVII. Nöhring, R. (ed.) 1980. Acta XVII Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Berlin, 5 – 11 VI. 1978. Berlin: Deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft, 1463 pp. in 2 vols.  
XVIII. Ilyichev, V.D., Gavrilov, V.M. (eds.) 1985. Acta XVIII Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Moscow, August16 – 24 1982. Moscow: “Nauka”, 1335 pp. in 2 vols.  
XIX. Ouellet, H. (ed.) 1988. Acta XIX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Ottawa, 22 – 29 VI. 1986. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2815 pp. in 2 vols.    
XX. Bell, B.D., Cossee, R.O., Flux, J.E.C., Heather, B.D., Hitchmough, R.A., Robertson, C.J.R., Williams, M.J. (eds.) 1991. Acta XX Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Christchurch, 2 – 9 December 1990. Wellington: New Zealand Ornithological Trust Board, 2568 pp. in 4 vols.      
XXI. Wingfield, J., Coulson, J. (eds.) 1996. Acta XXI Congressus Internationalis Ornithologici, Vienna, 20 – 25 August 1994. British Ornithologists’ Union: 128 pp + A129 – A146 (Ibis28: 1-128).    
XXII. Adams, N., Slotow, R. (eds.) 1999. Proceedings of the 22ndInternational Ornithological Congress, Durban, 16 – 22 August 1998. Johannesburg: Birdlife South Africa, CD-rom disc (abstracts of plenaries, symposia, round table discussions, oral presentations and posters in Ostrich69: 1-496; plenary lectures in Ostrich70: 1 – 103).    
XXIIIa Bock, W.J., Schodde, R. (eds.) 2004. Plenary Lectures 23rdInternational Ornithological Congress, Beijing, 11 – 17 August 2002. Acta Zoologica Sinica 50: i + 880 – 1001. Plenary lectures in pdf..  
XXIIIb Schodde, R. (ed.) 2006. Proceedings of the 23rdInternational Ornithological Congress, Beijing, 11 – 17 August 2002. Acta Zoologica Sinica 52: xvi + 1 – 706. Complete proceedings in pdf.  
XXIVa Schodde, R., Hannon, S., Scheiffarth, G., Bairlein, F. (eds.) 2006. Abstracts of the XXIV. International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg, 2006. Journal of Ornithology 147, supplement 1: 1 – 297.    
XXIVb Bairlein, F. (ed.) 2007. Proceedings 1: Plenary papers of the XXIV International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg, 2006. Journal of Ornithology 148, supplement 1: 1 – 159.    
XXIVc Bairlein, F. (ed.) 2007. Proceedings 2: Symposia papers and general report of the XXIV International Ornithological Congress, Hamburg, 2006. Journal ofOrnithology148, supplement 2: 161 – 725.    
XXV. Wingfield, J., Edwards, S., Miyaki, C. (eds.) 2012. Proceedings of the 25thInternational Ornithological Congress, Campos do Jordão, Brazil, 22 to 28 August. Journal of Ornithology153, supplement 1: 1 – 243.    


The contents of the Proceedings for the last five Congresses are accessible electronically at the sites below:

Year Location proceedings abstracts (pdf link)
1998 Durban, South Africa  
2006 Hamburg, Germany

Vol. 1 (plenary papers)


Vol. 2 (Symposia papers)


abstract book

2010 Campos de Jordão, Brasil
2014 Tokyo, Japan
2018 Vancouver, Canada  


Reviews of the Historical Proceedings of IOCongresses may be found at the following links: 

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Raikow, R.J. (1977) Proceedings of the 16th International Ornithological Congress. Wilson Bull., 89, 493-494.


Reviews of the Historical Proceedings of IOCongresses may be found at the following links

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