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IOU Code of Ethics
General Statement 

The Working Group Ethics in Ornithology – WGEO is establishing an IOU code of ethics and conduct practices. In particular, the IOU is in the process of developing guidelines for under-represented categories. 

The IOU Code of Ethics will begin with the following categories:

  1. Avoidance of glass collisions
  2. Drones
  3. Ecotourism
  4. Ethical birdwatching
  5. Ethical photography
  6. Scientific collecting
  7. Sports activities
  8. Winter feeding
  9. Research on Wild Birds

Please note that the IOU Code of Ethics will be a living document subject to change as it develops. It will be drafted with input from the WGEO group, members’ suggestions and in coordination with codes of ethics of other organizations. Please see the WGEO reading list under ‘code of ethics’ for links to ethical codes and conduct practices of other ornithological organizations. The IOU code of ethics is to be published on the IOU Website.

Call for volunteers:

The IOU invites volunteers interested in contributing to the development of an IOU Code of Ethics and conduct practices to please contact a member of the WGEO.