Legal notice and privacy

This notice describes International Ornithologists' Union (IOU's) privacy policy as it relates to this websites and it`s subdomain. Namely:,,  By using these domains and websites and it`s services, you agree to the terms of this policy described below. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use these websites.

Data Security

The International Ornithologists' Union endeavors to keep your personal information safe and confidential. The IOU guards against the loss, misuse, and alteration of personal data through reasonable physical and electronic security measures. We use industry-accepted collection and encryption mechanisms to ensure the secure collection, storage, and transmission of user information.

Information We May Collect

IOU may ask for and collect from you personally identifiable information at various points throughout our websites. Depending on the information and/or services you request, e.g. application for membership of the IOU, you may be asked to provide:

  • your name,
  • email address,
  • mailing address,
  • phone or fax number,
  • payment details,
  • and other pertinent information like areaas of interest, your biosketch, any bird names, topics or alike.

Once you provide this information, it may be recorded by IOU. In addition, our websites use a broadly accepted technology called "cookies." Cookies are data elements that are sent by our web server to be stored by your computer to enhance your experience on our website. For example, cookies are the way in which a website remembers your username and password or other information in a form for the next time you visit.

Your web browser will allow you to set a policy for how your computer handles these cookies (e.g., accept all, notify before accepting, disable all). You should refer to your web browser's documentation to set this policy. Please note that setting your browser to disable cookies may prevent you from using our site to its maximum benefit.

How information is used

International Ornithologists' Union will use the information you provide for the following purposes only:

  • to process your membership/donations/subscriptions,
  • to send you email alerts/newsletters,
  • to send you informational mails that may include information on your account, events, recent publications or alike,
  • to improve the quality of our website, or
  • to contact you about your membership.

IOU only uses credit card or other payment information ONLY for the purpose for which it was provided. We do not disclose credit card information, telephone contact information, or email addresses to third parties. Our Membership office may only contact members or donors by phone or mail if there is a problem with their payments or donation.

IOU offers a network of ornithologists with their expertise. Here, you may agree that the IOU shared your information across members (when they are logged in). At registration you may agree to this sharing or you may opt-out from this in you user profile settings.

Contacting the IOU's Membership Department

Membership Chair: Dra. Patricia Escalante-Pliego: