Management of the IOU

Governing bodies of the International Ornithologists' Union (IOU)

How the IOU is Managed

Four administrative streams run the affairs of the International Ornithologists’ Union:

The first administrative stream comprises the permanent committees, consisting of the IOU Council and the IOU Executive Committee, both led by the IOU President and IOU Secretary. They deal with the on-going business of running the International Ornithologists’ Union.

The second administrative stream comprises the IOCongress organizing committees for any designated IOCongress. They consist of national and local committees in the country where an IOCongress is held, led by the IOCongress Convener-General (formerly Secretary-General). Theirs is the temporary but vital business of bidding for and running their particular IOCongress, and producing the particular IOC Proceedings.

Linked to the second administrative stream is the third which comprises the Scientific Program Committee, of eminent international ornithologists appointed by the IOU President. It arranges the scientific program for each IOCongress – plenary lectures, symposia, round table discussions, posters – and is led by the Chair of the Scientific Program Committee.

The fourth administrative stream comprises the various Working Groups of the IOU, appointed by the IOU President. They are led by their designated Chairs or Secretaries in their own particular areas of work.

The offices and composition of these committees are given in the links below.

All officers of the IOU are appointed for four-year terms and all, except the IOU President, are eligible for re-election.