Working Groups

The IOU has established Working Groups to service and coordinate areas of ornithological research for the global community. Their fore-runners were the Standing Committees of the former International Ornithological Committee. Four that were active were renamed as Research Coordination Committees under the International Ornithologists' Union in the four-year period before 2014: an RCC on Avian Nomenclature (chaired by Frank D. Steinheimer and Richard Schodde), an RCC on Bird Marking (chaired by Charles Francis and Fernado Spina), an RCC on Avian Anatomy (chaired by Andrei Zinoviev), and an RCC on Psittaciformes (chaired by Juan Masello).

Members of three of these RCCs have now arranged to continue their programs as Working Groups under the IOU and more are anticipated. The work and contributions made by the three now-formalized Working Groups are show-cased on the links below:

To view the guidelines for Working Groups, please click here.