About the IOU

Our Vision

Ornithology is a global discipline addressing all levels of biology in birds from ecosystems to molecules, linking basic and applied research, and nurturing education and outreach. The IOU seeks to support, promote, and advance avian biology by: (1) disseminating ornithological knowledge; (2) interacting with other scientific organizations, foundations, and institutions; (3) stimulating and strengthening locally-based research that includes the participation of amateur ornithologists; (4) cultivating collegial, collaborative, and mutually supportive relationships among ornithologists internationally, without restrictions imposed by cultural or political differences; and (5) fostering knowledge transfer between basic research and applied sciences, such as conservation.

To achieve these goals, the IOU: (1) sponsors and promotes congresses in different parts of the world at regular four-yearly intervals; (2) establishes and sponsors commissions and committees as it deems appropriate and necessary; (3) establishes and sponsors other international ornithological activities with specific tasks concordant with the mission and goals of the IOU; (4) functions as the Section of Ornithology of the International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS); and (5) posts the names and professional affiliations of all current members of its committees and councils on the IOU website to promote international collaboration and networking.